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Dr. Robert Lofsky cares for pets and their owners in Kitchener, Waterloo & surrounding area. He understands the unique relationship that you have between you and your pet. He will treat your pet like his own! Our clinic is dedicated & committed to provide comprehensive, caring & compassionate veterinary services for your dog or cat. We take the time to explain the details about your pet’s health so you can make an informed decision on how you can care for your pet.

Explore our website and find out more about the great range of services we can offer you and your pet. We have some very helpful resources throughout our site to help keep your pet happy and healthy. If you have any more questions please give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to speaking with you.

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  • wilmot vet news
    indoor cats need vet visits
    Many people believe that if their cat is indoors they are protected from disease especially if their cat never goes outside. Even an indoor cat can get still pick up diseases. Rabies can be transmitted by bats and you can bring fleas home to your cat. See More →
  • vet hospital kitchener
    traveling out of country
    Canadians are traveling abroad with their dogs and cats with increasing frequency. This can be stressful for owners unaware of the associated regulations, as animals that fail to comply are subject to inspections, quarantines and even refused entry. See More →
  • kitchener vet services
    clinical case report
    Lexie was a very sick puppy when she came to see us at our office. Her case was so interesting that I submitted her story to a veterinary journal called Vetcom. The case was recently published in the Jan/Feb 2012 edition. See More →
  • Smartphone App
    smartphone app
    Download our new smartphone app and have all of our information at your fingertips!See More →
  • Clinic vet Specials
    dental difference
    January and February, is our “Dental Difference” program. In addition to our regular dental vet health examinations, our team will have a number of educational materials and tips to help you with your pet’s home dental care program. See More →