As a veterinarian, I am often told about new products and treatments the I can sell or market to my clients from pet food manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. However, sometimes these treatments and products have very little evidence or support as for a reason to use them. As a veterinarian, I can have a tough time to figure out whether or not I should recommend or sell a certain product. A recent book by Dr. Brennen McKenzie called Placebo for Pets: The Truth About Alternative Medicine is a worthwhile read for veterinarians and pet owners. The basic principles in this book are to ask the following questions about any treatment or product; 1) What is it? 2) Does it work? 3) Is it safe? Once these questions are answered veterinarians and pet owners alike should be able to make a better decision about what to use for our patients and pets. The problem is the time to look these things up and answer all these questions. Fortunately, Dr. Brennen McKenzie has a great website called that can answer some of the questions for many different treatments and products out there.

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