We are pleased to offer wellness testing packages at a significant discount to promote and provide happier and longer lives for your pet. Yearly checkups and physical examinations are essential to the health and well-being of pets, but so are internal exams. Internal exams require bloodwork, urine and feces to check your pet’s internal organs and to test for internal parasites infections. Yearly wellness checks give a complete picture of your pet’s health because pets can’t talk, so these tests give a voice to any internal problems. Regular testing leads to earlier detection of disease and treatment for otherwise undetected conditions, we also establish baselines values that allow us to track results and predict disease. Since our pets age much faster than us they are excellent at hiding signs when they are sick. Some of these early ageing signs are often only detectable with regular wellness testing. When we detect problems earlier we can begin therapies sooner that can help make your pet feel better and live longer.

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Canine Wellness Package
Feline Wellness Package
What do your pet’s blood and urine tell us?

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Tips for your pet wellness appointment;

1. Please fast your pet for 8 hours before the appointment.
2. Please bring a fresh urine sample – Refrigerate the sample until the appointment
3. Please bring in a fresh large grape sized stool sample

Feel free to ask us for specimen containers. There are many videos on youtube on how to collect urine from your pet.