Extending the health of your pet and providing our patients with comprehensive and compassionate medical care is our core focus at Wilmot Veterinary Clinic. Use your phone to keep track of your pet’s health and to organize their appointments. Take charge and control of your pet’s wellness by downloading our free PetDesk App and connect with us so you can quickly access the following:

Earn Purr Points

With every dollar spent at our clinic, you earn reward points for our services. This is our way of saying thank you for being a loyal pet parent.

Access Your Pet’s Medical History

Have you ever wondered if your pet is up to date on their shots or when they last received treatment? The PetDesk App holds records of past appointments, vaccination history, and laboratory results. You are even available to store paperwork and extra notes. Keep your pet healthy for the long run with their complete medical history at your fingertips. View your pet’s prior medications and diets and easily refill them with a simple screen touch.

Book Your Pet’s Appointments

Requesting and confirming appointments for your furry friend has never been easier. With just one click you can request an appointment with us and you’ll receive a response for confirmation.

Get Appointment Reminders

Managing and remembering your appointments has never been easier. Before your upcoming appointment, you’ll receive the option to add the appointment time to your phone calendar and also a reminder for when you need to set your next appointment. The option for to-do lists and medication reminders are also available.

Store Everything in One Place

It can be hard to keep track of everyone you deal with in your pet’s lives, especially if you have multiple pets in your family. This app allows you to store information on your sitter, walkers, insurance, groomer, boarder, retailer, and more! Narrow it down and make life easier by storing everything in one place.

Save Photos

The app also gives allows you to store multiple photos of each pet. Do you have a set of favourite images or a photo of a groomer’s cut you prefer for your furbaby? Now there’s only one place to look!

Ready to get started? Download the free app today to connect with Wilmot Veterinary Clinic and keep your pet’s health information organized. We look forward to providing you with great care on your next appointment booked through PetDesk! Start taking control of your pet’s health today.

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