Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog, there’s no better time to start training. But if your canine companion is advancing in years, you may be wondering if it’s even possible to teach an old dog new tricks. Keep on reading to find out!

Training a Puppy Vs. Training an Older Dog

Since puppies are just beginning to learn about their environment, they’ll require a lot of patience and consistency when it comes to training. On the other hand, adult dogs tend to be more stubborn and set in their ways due to established habits.

So, is it easier to train a puppy or an older dog? The answer is, it depends. All dogs are different and have their own unique learning styles, so it’s important to be patient and work with your dog to figure out the best way for them to learn. But the good news is that dogs of any age can learn new behaviors with the right training techniques!

To Train an Older Dog, Do These 5 Things

If you have an older dog, don’t stress – training isn’t impossible. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when working with your elderly four-legged friend:

  1. Use positive reinforcement. Rewarding your dog for good behavior is a great way to show them what kind of behaviors you’d like them to continue. This could be in the form of treats, belly rubs, or even verbal praise!
  2. Make training fun. Instead of seeing training as a chore, make it an enjoyable experience that both you and your pet can look forward to.
  3. Break lessons into short sessions. Long training sessions can be overwhelming for older dogs, so break them up into shorter chunks each day. This will help keep your pup engaged and interested in the lesson.
  4. Be patient and consistent. As with any kind of training, it takes time for an older dog to learn new behaviors. Just be sure to remain calm and consistent in your approach.
  5. Speak with a professional trainer. If you’re having trouble training your older dog, consider speaking with a professional trainer for some extra guidance. They can provide helpful tips and advice on how to work with your furry friend.

At the end of the day, it’s never too late to start training your older pup no matter how old they are! Training helps keep both their mind and body active while reinforcing good behavior through positive reinforcement techniques. So, this February during Dog Training Education Month why not take some extra time out for your four-legged pal – remember happy pups make happy pup parents!

Written by PetDesk

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