Throughout the United States and Canada, there are a number of ticks that carry a number of serious diseases. And some ticks are known to carry more than one of these diseases, which can lead to multiple infections, or coinfection, that can complicate treatment and lead to greater health risks.

Also, risks of exposure to vector-borne disease has increased as more and more people and pets move into areas that were previously wild and perfect tick habitats. Other factors, including the growth of white-tailed deer and wild turkey populations, have resulted in expanded populations and geographic distribution of ticks.

One of the first things you can do to protect your dog is to learn about the ticks and diseases in your area. This way you’ll better understand the risks your dog is likely to encounter in his or her daily adventures. At the same time, make an appointment with us to talk about preventives, including topical medication, tick collars, and vaccines for Lyme disease.

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