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Your pet can’t talk and will often show no signs when something is wrong. So how do you know? Early disease detection panels and now is a good time to start. Early detection is not one test, a series of tests, or just one exam visit. It’s a new way of caring for your pet. Medical advancements enable us to diagnose potential diseases before they become serious issues including heartworm, tick-borne disease, kidney, liver, thyroid disease and intestinal parasites. You can now protect your pets like never before.

By following our simple program, many diseases can be caught early. Catching a disease early can make all the difference, adding years to your pet’s life.

What can our early disease detection panels really detect?

  • If detected early, 75% of common diseased in dogs and 63% of common diseased in cats can be prevented by dietary modifications alone over a one-year period.
  • Kidney disease causes illness and death, but signs do not appear until about 2/3 of kidney function has been lost, if caught early dogs and cats can live with this condition for many years.
  • If a liver problem is detected at an early stage of the disease and is administered proper treatment, the chance of your pet’s recovery is in your favour.
  • Hyperthyroidism is diagnosed in 1 in 10 cats older than 9 years of age. A common cause of death just 20 years ago, now it can be treated easily and the earlier you start the better


Ask us about our Early Detection Feline and Canine Panels starting from $175 to $250

Early detection

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1465 Trussler Rd.

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