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Puppy and Kitten Care

There is so much hope and potential when bringing home a new puppy or kitten and you want what is best for your pet. Let us guide and help you raise your pet to reach their full potential. What happens at this young age can have an impact on the rest of your pet’s life. Early socialization, training, proper nutrition, vaccination, and parasite prevention are all essential for your pet’s development into a normal and healthy adult. For example, many puppies and kittens pick up parasites from their Mom or littermates, if your puppy or kitten has a parasite they will grow more slowly, have diarrhea, and be malnourished and this can affect them for the rest of their life. Be sure to bring a stool sample when booking your puppy or kitten’s first visit.

Below are some helpful resources on how to raise your new puppy or kitten:

Socialization and Training
Puppy Socialization and Training Guide
Kitten Socialization and Training Guide
Training Guide and Behaviour Problems Handouts – Puppy, Kitten, Behaviour Problems

Veterinary Diets are one of few diets available with digestibility studies.
For example, Purina Puppy Essentialcare and Kitten Essentialcare.
How many calories or cups of food do I feed my pet?
Puppy Growth and Feeding Charts

Puppies and Kittens need vaccines at 8, 12 and 16 weeks of age. For more information visit, Vaccination

Puppies and Kittens should be dewormed and fecal tested regularly. For more information visit, Parasites

Toys and Teeth
Remember the “knee-cap” rule when getting a chew toy. If you bang it on your knee and it hurts, then it will break your pet’s teeth! So no bones, antlers, and pizzle sticks.  Appropriate toys are Kongs, Nerf Dog Toys and Chuckit! toys. For tips on dental care for your dog click on this link.

Puppy and Kitten Proofing your House and Backyard
Explore room-by-room and learn how to poison proof your home
Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants List

Pet Insurance
Puppies and kittens are very likely to ingest things they shouldn’t and are more likely to be injured jumping off the furniture. At the very least consider pet insurance in the first year of your pet’s life. For a quote click here. OVMA Pet Health Insurance

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